Canton in the Gilded Age and Progressive Era

 Blue Hill Railway ca. 1902-1903

The Blue Hill Railway system ran between Boston and Norfolk County between 1899 and 1920.


TheRoger Williams' House was built in the early 20th century.

 Roger Williams' House, 2011

Police on Washington Street, 1913

The Police  Department received its first chief in 1900.



The Messinger Street Playgroundwas created due to the generosity of Dr. Arthur Tracy Cabot, a school physician, in 1913.


 Messinger Street Playground, 1990

Brokks Block, ca. 1900-1930

Brooks Block, was a fixture in Canton Center throughout the Gilded Age and Progressive Era.


The Briggs Ice Cream Shop was a place where patrons could buy non-alcoholic beverages, ice cream, candy, or tobacco products.

Briggs Ice Cream Shop, ca. 1900