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People of Canton

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 George Ivison Ross, ca. 1909

George Ivison Ross was a town doctor and member of the Board of Health in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.




Nahum Capen was a publisher and advocate for the Canton Public Library.

 Nahum Capen, ca. 1884
 Sheila Cheimets, ca. 1972

Sheila Cheimets was elected the first woman member of the Board of Selectmen in March 1972.



John Fish was the founder and superintendent of the Massachusetts Hospital School. 

 John Fish, 1947

 William H Galvin, 1963

William H Galvin was a town educator from 1935 until 1976.



Jenie Forte Keleher was the town's first woman crossing guard.

Frank Powers and Jenie Forte Keleher, ca. 1955-1963




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