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Samson Electric Goods Manufacturing Co

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Samson Electric Goods Manufacturing Co. 

(Dan Keleher Collection)


 Samson Electric Goods Manufacturing Co.1


The Samson Electric Company was founded in Boston in 1883 as the Electric Gas Lighting Company, where it made electric lighters for gas lamps until 1904. In December 1906, the Company bought the factory buildings previously occupied by the Eureka Silk Mill. By May 1907, it had moved in to the buildings and changed its name to the Electric Goods Company in order to emphasize its broadened line of home telephones, speaking tubes, fire alarm receivers, and liquid batteries. By 1916, the company had become radio industry pioneers with their "wireless receivers": according to George Comeau, these were "headphones for wireless radios consisting of brass circles formed into a cup and then nickel-plated." Both the two magnets and the wire coils were assembled by hand. That same year, the company reverted to the name Samson Electric Company. The company was also famous for making Perfex, a waterproof ignition system widely used in marine and automobile applications. The company closed its doors in 1935.




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