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Jack Battus Murder Trial

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Jack Battus Murder Trial1


The murder trial of John "Jack" Battus was the first murder trial in Norfolk County, and was held at Carroll's Tavern. Battus, a 19-year-old laborer, allegedly raped and then murdered 13-year-old Salome "Sally" Talbot. He was found guilty of murder (though he pled guilty to a separate count of rape); his death warrant was signed by Governor Caleb Strong. He was executed on November 8, 1804, in Dedham.




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The confession of John Battus : a mulatto, aged 19 years and 7 months, who was executed at Dedham, November 8, 1804, for the crimes of a most cruel rape and murder on the body of Salome Talbott, of Canton, in the 14th year of her age : to which is added, his writing [about?] his imprisonment, by Herman Mann. 9-18.


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