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Bank Robbery of October 1969

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Arrest of Charles Lombardi at Cobb's Corner, October 23, 1969

(Canton Reporter, 10/30/1969)


Bank Robbery of October 19691


On October 23, 1969 Charles S. Lombardi and Paul E. Schmit, escaped inmates at the Plymouth Forestry Camp, robbed the Needham National Bank at Cobb’s Corner and stole $4,300. However, before they could flee the Canton Police and Stoughton Police Departments respond, assisting a hostage the men had taken into the parking lot before releasing and became involved in a shot out that deflated the tires of the “get-away” vehicle and wounded Lombardi in the neck and shoulder before both men were taken into custody and the money was recovered.




Canton Reporter, October 30, 1969. 

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