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Flood of 1968

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Washington Street as seen from Canton High School, 1968

(Echo: Canton High School Yearbook, 1968)


Flood of 19681


As a result of heavy rains in March 1968 dams were opened in Sharon to reduce water pressure in that town. However, that action resulted in increased water levels and pressure in both Bolivar and Forge Ponds resulting in flooding of Canton Airport, Bolivar, Revere, Mechanic, and Rockland Streets, as well as, York Street and Ponkapoag. The flooding was so severe that shelters were established for residents at both Canton High School and the Massachusetts Hospital School. In response town officials meet with State senator John M. Quinlan, Governor John M. Quinlan, and Civil Defense Officials to coordinator the response to the flooding and assist in boosting the residents’ moral. The flooding produced both heroes and villains; Francis X. Callahan was rewarded, for opening the dam by Strand Theatre, by the Board of Selectmen with a paid vacation, while the Plymouth Rubber Company was criticized for failing to control the flooding when responsibility for the town’s waterways was shared with the town government.       




Canton Journal, March 21, 1968.


Canton Journal, March 21, 1968.


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