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Ponkapoag Chapel

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Ponkapoag Chapel  (Canton Public Library Collection) 



 Ponkapoag Chapel1


The Ponkapoag Chapel originated when, in 1878, a group of religious men and women united to form a Sunday school and house of worship in that area of Canton. The group's religious base was nondenominational, and emphasized Sunday school teaching and Bible lessons for children in the Ponkapoag area. As the years passed, worship was also strongly emphasized. The first meetings of the society were held outdoors in Cabot's Grove, with permission granted to use the then-Ponkapoag School. Following the building of a new school building, the old building was officially given to the church and moved to Washington Street. On August 6, 1894, the Ponkapoag Christian Union Society of Canton was formally created, and the building was officially named the Ponkapoag Chapel. As the members declared, "we, the undersigned, a part having united in Sunday School work in the School House at a place known as Ponkapoag for fifteen years...and believing in the moral benefit to ourselves and the community to the public worship of God and of a familiarity with the teachings of His word, especially that part called the Gospel, do unite ourselves as...The Ponkapoag Christian Society of Canton." The purpose of the church was stated to be for Sunday school, Bible study, and public worship on the Sabbath. The society declared itself nondenominational "but loyal to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ," though membership was open to all persons of good moral character. Despite its small size, the Chapel presented an appealing location for Protestant families; in the days before the automobile, other Protestant churches were a significant distance away from Canton. Thus, the newfound proximity allowed familes to attend services and send their children to Sunday School far more easily. From April 1, 1962 until May 31, 1966, the then-newly-formed St. James Lutheran Church leased space at the Chapel to conduct services; as part of the lease agreement, the building's interior was renovated. 



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