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Hemenway School

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Hemenway School Steps, 2011 

(Canton Public Library Collection)


 Hemenway School1


The Hemenway School was built in response to the need for a new high school building, which the increase in the town’s population necessitated. Following a report by a committee assigned to investigate and report sites available for a new high school building, the estate of Frank M. Ames, located at the intersection of Washington and Revere Streets, was selected. The children at the Ponkapoag School built by Augustus Hemenway started a building fund, and soon, according to George Comeau, "the contribution box 'held many a grimy nickel and polished cent.'" Hemenway himself contributed $20,000 to help build the school. The school opened in 1911.  In 1950, as a result of the postwar boom and the need for more school space that accompanied it, the  school was turned into the Hemenway Elementary School. It closed at the end of the 1981 school year. Following the 1979 award of $1.9 million to the Canton Housing Authority to construct the town's third elderly housing project, the Hemenway Housing Complex opened in 1983 to positive reviews.




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