Elijah Morse


 Elijah Morse (History of Norfolk County, Massachusetts)


Elijah Morse


Elijah Morse was born on May 25, 1841 in South Bend Indiana and moved with his parents to the Boston area in 1852. During the Civil War he enlisted with the Massachusetts 4th Regiment serving in Virginia and Louisiana eventually obtaining the rank of corporal. Upon his return to Massachusetts he obtained a stove polish formula and began selling it door to door, eventually building a factory on Washington Street, known as the Rising Sun Stove Polish Co. He married Felicia Vining in January 1868 and together they had three (3) sons: Abner, Samuel, and Benjamin. Then in 1876 he was elected to the state legislature serving in both the House and the Senate. In 1888 he was elected to the U.S. Congress as a Republican and supporter of the temperance movement until he retired from public office in 1897. Elijah Morse died on June 5, 1898 and was buried at Canton Cemetery.




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