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Rising Sun Stove Polish Company

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Advertising from the Rising Sun Stove Polish Company.

(George T. Comeau Collection)


Rising Sun Stove Polish Company (1864-1914)1 


The Rising Sun Stove Polish Company was started by Elijah Morse who after his service in the Civil War began selling stove polish door to door based upon a formula gained from a Harvard Chemistry Professor. Although Morse owned land on Depot Street in Sharon the town did not allow him to build a factory fearing it would interfere with Sharon’s image as a pastoral retreat from the city. Morse then rented space above Wentworth Market and by 1883 had built his own factory on Washington Street. Upon Morse’s death in 1896 the company was controlled by his sons who saw the demand for stove polish drop forcing the company to close by 1914. The factory buildings were sold and by 1925 the companies Canton Heel Co., and August Heil (Paper Box) Co. were operating on the site. In 1930 John P. Chase built an estate that still stands today.




Canton Comes of Age, 1797-1997 by Canton’s Bicentennial Committee, 73-75 (call no. 974.4 C)


Dan Keleher, “Historical Perspectives: Morse’s Rising Sun Stove Polish,” Canton Citizen April 4, 1991, 1 and 2


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